Group classes: Payment

Let's Zoom:

My GROUP online classes with multiple students will use the free Zoom software.​


GROUP sessions are 90-minutes each and are only $60.

* NOTE: I will donate 15% of session fees to a NY, CT, or other food bank from my One-On-One sessions and my Group online classes.


I currently accept these three easy electronic payment methods:

1) Apple Cash, via iMessage texting (preferred). Easy to set up:

2) Zelle Pay. To set it up go here:

3) Venmo Pay. To set it up go here:

Payment Choices:

Payment due 3 days before session starts so that funds transfer, payable to me at:

1) Apple Cash via this Apple ID: “” (the preferred method),


2) Zelle Pay via to this phone number:  914-621-8428,


3) Venmo Pay via this username:  “DonaldGambino”

Payment Fees:

Just like in real-world Adult Ed classes and doctor appointments, refunds are not available unless you notify me at least 24-hours before our scheduled time, sorry. Thanks for your understanding. Minimum class sizes are required to run a class. Class could be rescheduled. If cancelled, registration fees will be returned.

Before Class: 

Email me at least 24-hours before start:

  1. Which device(s) are you able to attend the class with: Mac? iPhone? iPad? Windows PC?

  2. Which course do you want to attend? See class schedule here.

Great Expectations:

Here’s what I am expecting for our GROUP online sessions with Zoom:

1) Welcome and intro, approximately 10 minutes explaining/showing a bit of the interface and setting helpful ground rules. Before our class, be sure to watch the free Zoom demo video (link below). Or, Zoom with a friend to become familiar with it.

2) Class topics, demonstrations, best practices, helpful tips

3) Tools: I will use a combination Zoom’s capabilities including video, screen demos, slide shows and more

4) Resources, Q&A.


BEFORE We Zoom (Important):

Please watch these two pre-recorded Zoom Training video at the link below. They are very helpful. You will feel much more CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE and CALM if you watch the videos a day or so before our session:

And this one for more extensive info, from an actual Zoom staff person:



Then go to this one: "Getting started with Zoom on Windows and Mac":


Read this PDF:

Zoom Tips (PDF):

Zoom General Info:

Download Zoom To Your Device:

It is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android.

For Mac:

For iPhone/iPad:

For PC Windows:



OK, I want to seethe schedule of classes again.

I look forward to seeing you in a Group online class soon!