Group classes: Registration


2 Easy Steps:

Step 1)

View class schedule, choose a class, and click on its "register" link that will send me an email notification.

Step 2)

Remember to make a payment to hold a seat in the class using one of the 3 easy payment methods below:

Payment Methods:

I currently accept these three easy electronic payment methods:

1) Apple Cash, via iMessage texting (preferred method). 

Easy to set up:


2) Zelle Pay. Easy to set up:

3) Venmo Pay. Easy to set up:

Payment Choices:

Payment due 3 days before session starts so that funds transfer, payable to me at:

1) Apple Cash via this Apple ID: “” (the preferred method),


2) Zelle Pay via to this phone number:  914-621-8428,


3) Venmo Pay via this username:  “DonaldGambino”


Just like in real-world Adult Ed classes and doctor appointments, refunds are not available unless you notify me at least 24-hours before our scheduled time, sorry. Thanks for your understanding. Minimum class sizes are required to run a class. Class could be rescheduled. If cancelled, registration fees will be returned.