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iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch & TV,  iOS, Photography, Technology, AR & VR

101 West Putnam Ave., Greenwich, CT 06830 • (203) 622-7914

Dear Greenwich Library Technology Training Center Students,

During the ongoing renovations at the Library, classroom space is scarce - therefore none of my wildly entertaining and educational classes have been scheduled January to sometime around the summer. However, there are two things you can do now:

1) Visit my "Group Classes" website link to see other locations where I teach.

2) Private, customized, digital training is available! I'll send you all the details if you email me at :

In the meantime below is a title list of NEW! and popular courses available at various locations, at various times and semesters due to scheduling and availability:

• Anything Is Possible And Nothing Is Real: Avatars, Fakes, Models, Bots, AR/VR, Spoofing

• Apple Pay, Apple Card, Apple Cash, Apple Wallet: How To Set It Up & Use It

• Create & Print Your Own Botanical & Photo Greeting Cards
• Tick-Tock: Time To Learn Your Apple Watch

• Tick-Tock: Apple Watch For Your Health!

• Tick-Tock: Apple Watch For Your Exercise!

• So You Think You Can Text? iMessaging On Apple Devices

• iOS 13: What's New and Different?

• Podcast Basics: on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch

• iPad Fundamentals

• iOrganize: Your Digital Life With iCal, Contacts, Mail, Safari 

• Settings For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Don't Be Afraid!

• Overlooked & Unknown iPhone & iPad Apps

• Apple TV: Turn-On, Tune-In and Drop-Out Your Cable TV!

• Siri: Learn It & Love It: Get Results, Not Frustrated!

• Augmented & Virtual Reality Overview: Be Transported!

• Goodbye Digital Camera… Hello iPhone! ​

• iPhoneography: Advanced iPhone Photography

• Top Ten Digital Photography Mistakes

​​• Surfing Safari On The iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC: Searching Efficiently & Effortlessly​

​• Being Aware in Your Digital World. Privacy and Surveillance… Scammers, and Phishers, and Hackers, Oh My! 

​• Maps, Directions, GPS And More
iCloud: Keep Your Documents Up To Date On All Devices

Special courses to be added! Stay tuned!

Too busy for the above dates?  Private training available here