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What a great time to refresh or gain new digital knowledge with Group classes online! Similar to a classroom experience, but no traveling. Learn with other classmates who are thirsting for knowledge, while basking in the cozy glow of your device's screen. We will be using Zoom. Easy-Peasy! (For Mac, iPhone, iPad)

Each group session is 90-minutes of instruction and only $80.

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GROUP Class Schedule:

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Smart Surfing With Safari

Be a smarter researcher, better shopper, and a more successful peruser by searching smart & savvy with time-saving tips & best practices for your searching techniques! Search multiple websites, pages, tabs at once. Learn and use features Find On Page, Shortcuts, Favorite bar, customizing your Tool Bar and searches, adjust your Preferences and Settings. Use Ad-Blockers, Auto-filling passwords and Keychain, iCloud Tabs and more. For iPhone, iPad, Mac.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me

So U Think U Can Text? Use iMessage Free Texting & More (Now 2 sessions!)

Texting with iMessage is so much more than FREE texting. It includes sending group texts, photos, videos, web links, money (via Apple Pay), GIFs, Emojis, Animoji's, Memojis, your own voice as sound, your handwriting, scribbling, and app-specific items. Send your message with loud, soft, confetti or balloon FX and more. Don’t want to type?… Use dictation! Learn the ins & outs of group texts, block people, or leave a Group conversation. See how to receive messages on all your Apple devices so you’ll never miss a text. This is your chance to learn how iMessage is an indispensable, important multi-communication tool.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me

Stop Making Mistakes With iPhone/iPad Keyboard

All thumbs? Learn touch & tapping tips. Text too small? Enlarge it, zoom in, or use the Magnifier. Typing frustrates you? Learn swiping tips and typing alternatives. Tired of typing? Talk, don't type! Use dictation to let your voice do the typing! Lazy typist? Create custom keyboard shortcuts. Speak another language? Add international keyboards. Use auto-correct, swipe-to-type, add emojis!

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $80.  Waitlist me

Finally! Clean Up Your Contacts/AddressBook (Now 2 sessions!)

Enough already!… Make your Contacts work for you. Create, edit, organize, delete duplicates, add birthdays, call, email, see a map from their address, or text to your contacts, more. No duplicates need apply.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me

Settings For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Don't Be Afraid! (2 sessions)

Confused about your iDevice's Settings? Wonder what's the difference between Notifications, Control Center, Do Not Disturb, Hotspots, iCloud, and various Apps' settings? Not sure which switch should be on or off -- and why? Concerned about battery life, privacy, ad tracking, GPS and more? Explore and learn about all the Settings and customize them to serve your digital lifestyle.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me

Finally! Organize Your Busy Life With Apple's Calendar (Now 2 sessions!)

Ready to give up your paper calendar? Want to see your (and/or family members') schedule(s) on all your Apple devices? Good for planning. Great for sanity! For Mac, iPhone, iPad. Let’s go!…

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me

Finally! Organize Your Photos

C'mon, work your photos! Create, edit, organize, find, share: photos, albums, shared albums with the free Photos app/program that comes with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You've got time - and plenty of photos  so let's clean them up. For Mac, iPhone, iPad.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160. Waitlist me

No, I Said,"All About Dictation!": Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Look who’s talking… YOU! Why type when you can talk? Great for your train of thought or for when you are tired from typing, or when your fingers won’t do the walking! See how to enable and use dictation on your Apple Devices to enhance creativity, speed up your correspondence via email and text replies, and be more productive. Learn best how to invoke Siri on those devices to get the info you need - fast! (Be sure to ask for PDF of Punctuation commands sheet in class!)

    Date, Time TBA. (1 session).  Fee: $80.  Waitlist me

Your Printer Is Your Camera!

Say what?… Oh, you mean using that multi-purpose printer/scanner/fax (or your flatbed scanner that’s gathering dust) to capture 2D & 3D objects and create art and images! Think: flower arrangements, shadowbox items, memorabilia, 3D collage, art projects. Tweak the image (lighting, filters, crop/rotate, saturate, make grayscale or B&W) before printing or sharing your imagery. The free Image Capture software that comes with every Macintosh is used to get the image into your Mac. Great for greeting cards, scrapbooking. Oh, and for scanning flat art & documents, too. Your printer is not just a printer!

    Date, Time TBA. (1 session).  Fee: $80.  Waitlist me

iPhoneography: Take Great iPhone Photos, Edit, Share, And Organize! 

Transform your iPhone photos from good to great! In this multi-session and extremely popular course, learn the technical aspects AND the artistic qualities used in taking great photos with your beloved iPhone.

The Technical: dive into the iPhone’s Camera and Photos app and Settings. Learn to edit your photos: crop, aspect ratios, lighting, filter effects, aperture. Different shooting modes: Photo, Portrait (changing the aperture for that “bokeh “or that out-of-focus background you love) and even Markup. (And let’s not forget Video, Slo-Mo, Time-lapse, Panorama, or bouncing those Live Photos). Then organize and share using Albums, Shared Albums, email, iMessage texting, and more!

The Artistic: learn to include elements of form, light, color, shape, contrast, repetition, shape, movement, perspective, composition, and more to “lead the viewer’s eye” in your images. Fun weekly homework assignments will challenge you to play and experiment. Each session includes time for critiques of student’s weekly homework assignments. Note: Basic familiarity with iPhone is required.

    Date, Time TBA. (5 sessions). Fee: $400. Waitlist me

Reminders, Timers, Alarms, Events, Notes: When/Why To Use Them

You’re busy so wouldn't you love to have a personal assistant? Wait… you already do! If you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Watch, it can remind you so you don't miss important calendar events, or that creative idea, or to take the pot off the stove, the laundry from the washer, or to call your Mom today or a friend’s birthday in two days. Great for business and everyday use, from the mundane to the crucial.

  Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me.

Intro to Pages: Apple’s Word Processing & Page-Layout (Now 2 sessions!)

You say you don’t use, don't have, don't know, or don't like MS Word?… Apple's FREE word-processing and page-layout program to your rescue! If you have been "on the fence" about using Pages instead of (paying for) Microsoft Word, perhaps now's the time for this overview & intro class to Apple's solution to Microsoft's Word.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me.

Apple Maps & Google Maps: Get Directions To Get Where You’re Going, Search Places, Virtually Travel With City Fly-Overs (Now 2 sessions!)

Going somewhere?… Get directions to your destination by car, transit, walking or cycling. Search, view, fly-over cities, or virtually visit anyplace on Earth. See what's new and useful such as giving someone your E.T.A. when traveling. See Apple's new Quick Look view (smoother than Google's Street View) or keep Favorites of places that you commute to or travel to often. Search businesses, restaurants, stores, and more. In this time of staying-at-home, become an armchair traveler, or hone your skills for when you do finally get out and about. Wow! Don't leave home without it.

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.   Waitlist me

Music In Your Life: Options During The Pandemic

With all the additional stress injected into our lives during these past months, music is one way to relax and de-stress yourself. Learn about the free (and paid) options at your fingertips to sooth, energize, or entertain you. From free radio to apps, to Podcasts, to streaming radio stations on the web — to creating & playing your own music — there really is a lot to listen to!

    Date, Time TBA. (1 session). Fee: $80.  Waitlist me.

Who’s Got Email? Using Apple's Mail Program.

Apple Mail app is the electronic communications workhorse of our digital age! But are you really using it to its fullest? Most people are not. Go beyond the basics and learn best practices. Search and find any mailbox for content, subject, or person - immediately. Understand email threads. Make use of Menu items that you have been ignoring or wondering about. View, save, forward, or copy attachments, photos, video, and other emails. Create & edit Group or Smart mailboxes. Tame that Junk! Email via blind carbon copies (bcc:), reply-to, or flag it different colors. And why not dictate instead of typing your email messages?

    Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me.

iOS 14 - What's New: The Look. The Features. The Functionality. Oh, My!

Another year. Another iOS update. Yay! Learn about the new features that are jam-packed into this release for your iPhone, or iPad. See what’s new with the look & feel in Messages, Memojis, Maps, Translate (web pages, conversations, voice, text), Siri (smarter, faster, language translation, cycling directions, ETA, expanded knowledge), Safari (performance, privacy report, password monitoring), Car Keys, Car Play, and AirPods, App Clips, Privacy (now even better), Accessibility, AR/VR, Camera, FaceTime, Health, Photos and many other improved app features. And MUCH more. Whew — we will need two sessions for this overview course!

        Date, Time TBA. (2 sessions). Fee: $160.  Waitlist me

Siri: Learn It & Love It. Get Results, Not Frustrated!

Siri is a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, providing information and answering questions for Apple's iDevices. Learn the optimal settings and other usage tips to command Siri to search the Web, the weather, sports scores, your iDevice's contacts, calendars, messages, calls, reminders, music, apps including Maps for directions, reviews, and more information. "If you're not using Siri, you are not using your iPhone!" For users of iPhone 4S or later; iPad 2, iPad mini or later, or Apple Watch.

    Date, Time TBA. (1 session). Fee: $80.  Waitlist me

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