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BONUS: Free! 😃 & 😃

Invite a friend to a FREE Group class! (For Mac, iPhone, iPad)


Double Your Online Fun -- With A Friend!

When you register and pay for a Zoom GROUP class, your friend joins us for Free!

1) Pick your GROUP class from the link here.

2) Register and pay for it here.

3) Tell me the name & email address of your friend so I can tell them and reserve a FREE place in the same Zoom GROUP class for them to join us, here.

The more, the merrier… but hurry, this offer is for a limited time only!

GROUP classes are 90-minutes each and are only $60.

See schedule here, but first - Please read important pre-class details here.

To register, go here.

* NOTE: I will donate 15% of session fees to a NY, CT, or other food bank from my One-On-One sessions and my Group online classes.


What if these new Group online classes don’t fit your schedule? What if you didn't see your topic? Remember, you can take a One-On-One session with me. Or email me and tell me the topic you want to learn.